Chilton India from 1984 to 2021 Our Story A little bit about our philosophy and the team that makes things happen at Chilton.
The need

The 1980s largely saw refrigerator companies developing new products by sourcing technology from other countries. While the technologies might have been great, there were several problems like ambient temperature, dusty environment, quality of water etc. Technologies designed elsewhere did not perform their best in the Indian environmental conditions, giving rise to problems. Additionally, sourcing technology from abroad also meant higher costs and there was a need for a Reuse over Replace policy to enable better product efficiency at lower costs.

The start

Chilton was founded in 1984, and started off with trading of refrigeration spare parts. Today, Chilton is one of the leading spare parts dealers in South India. In 1986, we started manufacturing deep freezers and air conditioners. Over the last 30+ years, we have studied the problems clients face, brainstormed, innovated, and developed indigenous products that have proven to be successful.

The journey so far

Through our R&D, products and service, we have earned the credibility and trust of our clients over the years. Today we proudly say that we are industry leaders providing best-in-class refrigeration products with unique features that are designed in-house.


We’re constantly on the look out for like-minded people to join our team.

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