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Understanding Process Chillers

Industrial equipment operates under varying conditions and generates a lot of heat during the process. Temperature of the equipment  needs to be controlled in order to increase the quality of products, maintain efficiency, ensure processes run smoothly, and increase the life of the equipment. Industrial process chillers are installed to lower the temperatures of these equipment and keep them under safe operating conditions.

Industrial process chillers are temperature critical systems that can be air or water cooled. These chillers must function with precision, consistently to ensure smooth processes in any industry. One of the most common problems faced is that the temperature that needs to be maintained varies, and the chillers are unable to operate under these variable conditions.

After studying the requirements of customers, we design, develop, and manufacture chillers according to their needs, which may vary from +25℃ to -25℃ and could require air or water cooled condensers. Based on customer specifications, Chilton selects the right compressor for the process and designs the optimal refrigeration system. This ensures that our customers get prompt cooling, better power efficiency and increase lifespan of equipment. All our chillers are designed to withstand ambient temperatures upto 52℃.

Chilton Expertise

With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and delivering chillers, Chilton’s industrial process chillers ensure time dependent dynamic temperature management. Our chillers are custom-built for client specific applications and operating parameters. Our chillers are designed keeping Indian conditions in mind, adapt to varying cooling demands, and function seamlessly.

Customized, Consistent and Cost-effective, industry leaders are leveraging Chilton’s industrial process chillers for their exceptional operational efficiencies, minimal downtimes and reliability, at low maintenance costs.

increase in efficiency
lower power consumption
increase in compressor life
lower chances of breakdown
Our Differentiators
Chillers custom-designed and manufactured based on your needs and specifications.

A 10TR Chilton chiller can help you save ₹5 Lakhs in 5 years!

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