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Chilton -80℃ Deep Freezer
-80℃ Deep Freezer

The Chilton deep freezers are a popular choice in the market, just like our industrial process chillers. The -80℃ deep freezers are highly reliable products that offer unmatched performance.

The ability to maintain ultra-low temperatures upto -80℃ makes these freezers ideal for the storage of venom, blood plasma, samples, reagents, controls, tissue, rare blood, and other biological materials. Offering progressive technologies, our deep freezers support all your requirements, ensuring superior performance and client satisfaction. We also custom build  -80℃ freezers based on customer requirements.

Chilton -80℃ Deep Freezer
-40℃ Deep Freezer

Similar to our -80℃ deep freezers, Chilton’s -40℃ deep freezers are also provide innovative technology that caters to your freezing needs. These freezers maintain upto -40℃ to store medical or biological products. The -40℃ deep freezers are also high-quality products that deliver the Chilton promise of reliability and performance.

Blood Bag Refrigerator by Chilton
Blood Bag Refrigerator

An essential component in the medical field, the refrigerators in blood banks play a very critical role. Blood and other blood components need to be stored between 3 – 5℃ to prevent any bacterial growth that can contaminate the blood. With over 20 years of expertise in successfully manufacturing and delivering refrigerators for safe storage of blood, Chilton’s blood bag refrigerators are being used in India and other parts of the world. Safety, reliability, and convenience are important factors for blood storage and our refrigerators ensure they deliver on them by maintaining the required temperature.

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