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Eutectic Deep Freezer -Chilton India
Eutectic Deep Freezer

In the 1990s, the erratic power supply in India and unscheduled power cuts were a cause of major concern for ice cream business owners, especially those who relied on commercial deep freezers. Bakeries, ice creams, and frozen meat businesses depend on deep freezers to run their businesses and are often forced to switch to generators which becomes impossible once they shut for the day.

Our R&D team worked to develop a unique deep freezer to enable businesses to overcome this problem – The Chilton Eutectic Deep Freezer. One of the best deep freezers in the market today, our eutectic deep freezer is designed and developed based on patented technology. What makes it the best deep freezer?

  • It can maintain the temperature for upto 36 hours without any power supply.
  • The technology reduces dependencies on generators, thus increasing profit margins.

This patented deep freezer has opened up new business opportunities for ice cream sellers as they can stock up at night and sell the ice creams during the day. They can load the ice cream trucks in the morning and sell without any power supply requirements.

Free Hot Water generating Air conditioner - patented product of Chilton India
Free Hot Water generating Air conditioner

Air conditioners are installed to remove the heat from a room, and the number of ACs being installed today are only skyrocketing. These products have a significant impact on the environment and are gradually increasing the earth’s temperature. This rise in temperature will result in rise in sea levels, submerging low lying areas.  

Chilton developed an air conditioner that generated free hot water. The hot air that is vented out by the AC is used to heat water.

  • AC that is used at night gives free hot water for two the next morning
  • These ACs have high power saving since water is used to remove heat from the condenser
  • Our 1.5 ton air conditioners consume just 900 watts of power as against regular ACs that use 1350 watts of electricity.
  • Inbuilt geyser to provide hot water during winters

The free hot water helps you bring down electricity bills and can be installed for commercial setups as well to increase power savings.


All medical shops are required to have a refrigerator for storage of temperature sensitive medication, as per government regulation. Additionally, they must also have a generator to switch to in case of power cuts. The result? Hefty electricity bills that cut down profits. Due to the huge operational expenses, many shops defy government rules as well. 

To address this problem, we developed Chilverter.

  • A refrigerator that can run on commonly installed inverters
  • Economic means of maintaining the required temperature for medicines

With Chilverter, medical shops are equipped to follow government regulations and maintain the required temperature for medicines without incurring huge electricity bills that affect their profit margins.


For supermarkets, maintaining freshness of fruits and vegetables is critical to run a successful business. Often, refrigeration of these products is expensive and hence business owners leave them in open trays. This results in shorter lifespan of goods, quicker shrinkage, and loss of weight of products. 

With Chilton’s patented product Vegcool, storage of vegetables and fruits is now easy and economical. Our product maintains 100% moisture inside the refrigerator, preventing the fruits and vegetables from getting spoilt quickly.

  • No shrinkage and a 3 to 4 times increase in lifespan of products
  • The Vegcool consumes only 50% of the power consumed by an ordinary refrigerator

Vegcool kills viruses, fungus and bacteria. This enables supermarkets to gain customer trust by providing fresh products and maximizing profits without increasing power consumption due to refrigeration.

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