-40℃ & -80℃ Deep Freezer

Chilton’s line of deep freezers offers superior reliability, performance, and innovative technology that cater to all your freezing needs. Our products include both -80°C and -40°C deep freezers that deliver on the Chilton promise of top-notch quality.

-80℃ Deep Freezer

Our -80°C deep freezers are highly reliable and offer unmatched performance. With the ability to maintain ultra-low temperatures up to -80 °C, they are the perfect solution for storing sensitive biological materials, such as venom, blood plasma, samples, reagents, controls, tissue, rare blood, and more. Our deep freezers are equipped with progressive technologies that support all your requirements, ensuring superior performance and client satisfaction. We also offer custom-built -80°C freezers that are tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

-40℃ Deep Freezer

Chilton’s -40°C deep freezers are designed with the same innovative technology as our -80°C freezers, catering to your freezing needs. These high-quality products can maintain temperatures up to -40 °C, making them ideal for storing medical or biological products. Our -40°C deep freezers also deliver on the Chilton promise of reliability and performance.
Whether you choose our -80°C or -40°C deep freezers, you can expect the highest level of quality, reliability, and performance. Chilton remains committed to providing innovative technologies that cater to your unique needs, ensuring superior performance and customer satisfaction.