The quality of fruits and vegetables is paramount in the eyes of the discerning customer, but keeping them fresh and juicy is no easy feat. In fact, refrigeration can often be quite expensive, and as a result, many business owners resort to leaving their precious produce in open trays, risking shorter lifespans, quicker shrinkage, and a loss in weight.


We came up with a revolutionary solution Chilton’s patented product, Vegcool. Our innovative product has made the storage of fruits and vegetables an easy and economical process. Vegcool maintains a 100% moisture level inside the refrigerator, preventing the fruits and vegetables from spoiling too quickly.

Vegcool's unique moisture control feature eliminates shrinkage and increases the lifespan of products by three to four times.

Vegcool consumes only 50% of the power that an ordinary refrigerator uses, making it a more environmentally sustainable option for businesses.

Vegcool also has the added benefit of killing viruses, fungus, and bacteria, ensuring that the fruits and vegetables remain fresh and safe for customers.

With Vegcool, supermarkets can now offer their customers the freshest and the most succulent fruits and vegetables without having to worry about the cost of refrigeration. The result is happier customers, increased profits, and a sustainable business model that is good for the planet and the bottom line.

So, if you want to take your supermarket to the next level, it’s time to make the switch to Vegcool.


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