Back in the 1990s, business owners in India faced a daunting challenge. Those who relied on deep freezers to store their goods such as ice cream, frozen meat, and bakery products were at the mercy of erratic power supplies and unscheduled power cuts. It was a constant battle to maintain a steady temperature and once they closed for the day, they were left with no choice but to turn off the freezer.
Chilton’s patented product,


Recognizing the critical need for a reliable solution, our R&D team developed an innovative solution: the Chilton patented product, Eutectic Deep Freezer. It boasts an array of unique features that set it apart from all other freezers on the market. Its robust construction and state-of-the-art design ensure that it can maintain a consistent temperature even in the most challenging conditions.

The Chilton Eutectic Deep Freezer can maintain the temperature for up to 36 hours without any power supply which means that business owners don't have to worry about power cuts affecting their products.

The Chilton Eutectic Deep Freezer offers a dependable and cost-effective solution that will help them succeed in their business endeavors.

The introduction of the Chilton Deep Freezer has sparked a new wave of business opportunities for ice cream sellers. With the ability to stock up their freezers at night and sell ice cream during the day without relying on a power supply. Giving them the freedom of loading up your ice cream truck in the morning and being able to share their products throughout the day without any interruptions.


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